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the gbv fund

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In January 2019 our Founder, Chupa Phiri (pictured above) signed up to do her 1st 5k run (3.1 miles) to kickstart our fundraising towards the GBV Fund.  Having exchanged her couch and too frequent chocolates to early morning runs and swamp looking vegetable juices she successfully completed the run on the 15th May 2019 raising £850 against our target of £500. With grateful thanks to all our supporters we were able to support 80 women and girls living at one of the YWCA’s 7  safe spaces who are escaping GBV with little more than the clothes on their backs with “care packs” made up of talk time, personal hygiene items, grooming supplies, flipflops, a t-shirt and chitenge (traditional sarong), and a reusable bag. 


YWCA Delivery.jpg

R. Mwanida Karabassis (TCF Volunteer) and Patricia Ndhlovu (CEO)

Delivered by one of our volunteers, the Project Manager expressed her deep appreciation for the donation declaring the foundation had


“…..met them at their immediate place of need for their support of women and girls fleeing violence.”


Our donation means that women and girls will be able to contact family members to let them know they are in a safe place and have a change of clothes and toiletries in the critical first few hours/days they escape violence.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

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