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Guided by the principle of Ubuntu TCF was established to support individuals like Aunty Rebecca (please see short video on donation page) who’s drive and passion helps few people in her community. Imagine the life-changing impact Aunty Rebecca would have if she could access funding, training and support to set up an organisation and increase her capacity and resources to reach even more people in need?


TCF seeks volunteers to fulfil a variety of roles ranging from providing free professional advice and support to community groups, sitting on decision making panels contributing their local knowledge, helping to promote funds and supporting fundraising efforts. Get in touch if you would like to volunteer or have a need for volunteers.


TCF manages collective giving funds which make a difference to a particular cause or community. Our inaugural fund set up by our Chair, Ellen Aaku-Banda and Chief Executive Officer, Chupa Phiri is the Gender Based Violence Fund which aims to give victims the support they need and deserve and help end gender-based violence. Read more


We welcome one-off or regular donations of any amount, or you can start a collective giving fund of your own to make your contributions. Please contact us if interested in giving regularily or interested in setting up a collective giving fund. If making a one-off donation please click the donate button below. Your gifts will help us support work that tackles vital issues through research, special initiatives and grants targeted where there is the most need.



With thousands of community groups operating in Zambia it can be difficult to find the time and expertise to manage corporate giving efficiently. By creating a bespoke fund we can help you connect with your local area and directly benefit causes based on your companies values, passions and interests. Alternatively staff can volunteer their time and expertise to help the foundation or local groups, or you can simply donate to our core costs and help us reach as many people as possible.

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